About Us

In a contracting economy it’s no easy feat to scratch out a healthy position, especially in a competitive environment like the jewelry business. But that’s exactly what Anita and Ravi Lalwani have done with Kristie’s.

Kristies’s started just eight years ago as a small family business along the downtown harborfront. What happened next was part luck, part genius. Not even Ravi’s 16 years in the business could have predicted the success that would result from his leap-of-faith decision to add a second store at the newly opened Paseo Herencia Mall.

More luck was at play when the adjacent storefront became available, and the decision was made to focus on and expand this location and close the downtown spot. Ravi was one of the first jewelers to capitalize on the new niche of nighttime shopping in the malls in the highrise hotel area. “It’s true we’ve worked very hard to get here, but luck and blessings from above are also very important ingredients in the mix,” says Ravi.

Ravi’s overwhelming passion for diamonds makes shopping at Kristie’s a unique experience. It’s amazing how diamonds have always been so closely associated with relationships and romance. Ask Ravi how he became so fascinated by diamonds and he’ll tell you that he fell head over heels for diamonds in his gemologist classes while studying abroad in both India and England, and from there ended up at the head of his class with a GIA Certification.

Ravi totally devotes himself to each individual purchase, measuring size, cuts, carat, texture, color, and most of all brilliance. “A stone’s color is important,” says Ravi, “However its brilliance singularly cuts to the heart of the matter.” Ravi’s keen eye envisions the future of every diamond he buys. That, along with fair, honest market pricing, is really where my passion lies,” he says enthusiastically.

Kristie’s go the extra mile for their customers by providing hotel drop-off, mail-order service, guaranteed after-sales service They are also keen to recognize and reward customer loyalty. Hard work, integrity, loyalty, and their easy smiles will bring you back again and again.